The Best Birthday Cake in the World!!

My wonderful son and husband made me a birthday cake.  A beautiful, simple, delicious cake that was so lovingly made by them for me.  It was an old fashioned Victoria Sponge complete with raspberry jam and fresh cream and the recipe is from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls’ River Cottage Family Cookbook – I gave this book, with a special inscription, to my 9 year old son as a first cookbook and I know from his reaction when he received it that it will be something he will treasure forever.

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Potato Rösti

I have tried various ways of making rösti over the years and this for me is the easiest and tastiest method.  Most recipes suggest using raw spuds and squeezing the starchy liquid from them in a teatowel – this has never worked for me and the centre of the rösti remained quite slimey.  Perhaps this is because I like my rösti thick rather than thin and crispy.  I use parboiled potatoes and leave them to cool down completely before grating.  You can also use left-over spuds from the day before provided they are not too soft to grate. [Read more…]

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