Crispy Bombay Potatoes

This is my take on Bombay Potatoes. These are a great side dish and very easy to make.  I love the combination of spiced crispy potatoes and caramelised onions and I would happily eat them with just about anything.  In order to get crispy potatoes you need to firstly parboil the spuds enough so that the edges can be fluffed up and then you need to get the oil in the roasting tray quite hot. [Read more…]

Zesty Coriander, Tomato and Cucumber Salad

This is my own summer salad recipe and I think it is so pretty and really brightens up the table.  It tastes so fresh and zesty and is the perfect accompaniment to a barbeque or a summery lunch or dinner.

The secret to the zesty flavour and also to the amazingly bright pink onions is to soak thin slices of red onion in lime juice for an hour or so and you will end up with wonderful tasting onions that add a really fresh touch to the salad. [Read more…]

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